With the release of the latest AX 7- Microsoft has made some drastic changes in the overall architecture and improved development processes significantly. On one hand, this is significantly going to improve the development experience but on the other hand, a need arises for the developers to quickly familiarize themselves with the new concepts introduced with AX 7.

Where is the modelstore in AX7?

The code is no longer stored in the database like we used to have in AX 2012. Instead, we are now back to the good old file system. The table below highlights the historical changes that Dynamics AX has gone through during its life cycle related to code store.


Exploring the file system structure

The code files are saved in a folder called “PackageDirectory”. The location of the directory is stored in the web.config file for the AOS.

Open the IIS, and right click on the AOS application called “AOSWebApplication” and click explore. Please note that in AX 7 the AOS is hosted as an ASP.Net web application on IIS.


Open up the web.config file and search for “Aos.PackageDirectory”. This will give us the directory path. In our case it’s “C:\Packages”.


If we browse this directory, we can see a bunch of folders in there. All the folders that you can see are individual packages (a new concept introduced in AX 7 and we will cover that shortly). Briefly speaking, a Package is an independent deployable unit and contains all the related models.


Every package has a folder called ‘Descriptor’ that contains a text file. The text file contains the description of that Package. Details like Name, description, referenced modules, publisher name, etc can be obtained from these files.


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