Why AXPulse security tool is the answer to all your AX 2012 security concerns

AXPulse security tool- maintain Security logs for the safety of your organization Microsoft Dynamics AX is one of the most widely used ERP solutions in the world. An ERP solution serves as the backbone of an organization and…

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Creating a dialog in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

Dialog: Dialog contain a collection of pages, and each page can contain multiple sets of prompts and responses. You can also specify a dialog as a child dialog, and then invoke that dialog from within a parent dialog. Example:…

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Quick Insights Feature in Power BI

Microsoft Power BI contains numerous useful features which makes it a unique and intelligent Business Intelligence solution, apart from being simple and extensive its data source connectivity and support is huge, it supports most of the prospective data…

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MS Dynamics AX performance improvement best practices series (Part 3/3)

This is the third part of Dynamics AX performance improvement guide. Links to first and second part are below. In this part, I will be covering Dynamics AX related settings which includes both client and server configurations. Some…

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