AX AP payment method

Recently, working for one of the customer I have encountered a code defect in the standard Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 Payroll. The issue was related to Payroll Payment journal and the issue was even though I have specified on the payment method that the check number is required but still I was able to post the payroll payment journal without check numbers. I have setup the payment method as shown below:

AX AP payment method

As a rule of thumb, if I try to post a payment journal without specifying the check number then it should throw me an error. Surprisingly, that was not the case with payroll payment journal. I was able to post it without specifying the check numbers on the journal lines. I have encountered this error in R3.

I was able to fix the error by making small changes in the code. If you need the fix then you can approach me at for the XPO.

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