To achieve optimal performance from the Microsoft Dynamics AX is always a priority of every customer. Defining the exact definition of optimal performance is very difficult because it varies greatly from customer to customer.

Microsoft SQL Server is the core and integral part of the Microsoft Dynamics AX installation and sometime small configuration changes in the SQL Server settings may result in the great performance boost of the overall application performance boost. In this blog post I try to document 5 things that must be watched if you are facing a performance degrade.

  1. Auto growth file increment settings should be large enough. A setting in between 200MB to 500MB is generally recommended.
  2. By default the index fill factor is 0. Consider setting it in between 70-90 which is a preferred value for Microsoft Dynamics AX.
  3. Maximum degree of parallelism should be set to 1.
  4. Auto create and auto update statistics must be enabled on the AX database.
  5. TempDB data file(s) size should be in between 20 and 25% of the Dynamics AX database size.

AXPulse follows a systematic approach to investigate, identify and resolve the AX performance related issues. We at AXPulse use the standard set of tools as recommended by Microsoft to perform the analysis. For our complete list of Microsoft Dynamics AX performance optimization offerings please send us an email at

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