Earning Code Overtime

Giving overtime earnings to the employees is a basic functionality required in Payroll. AX 2012.

The Time and attendance components in Human Resources module and the Time sheet functionality in the Project module are not currently integrated with the US Payroll Module that was release in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.

To work with the overtime requirements, we first need to setup an earning code initially with these settings.

To setup earning codes, navigate to Payroll > Setup > Earning codes

Setup the earning code as per the requirements of overtime

Earning Code Overtime


Since overtime is an additional earning component for the worker, we have unchecked Base earning component. The Rate basis is set to hourly as per the normal requirements of Pay statement generation.

The important fields to set are the multiplier and Base definition for overtime earning code. We need to setup the multiplier as per the company policies Similarly base definition is used to perform basic overtime calculations. The possible values could be Base time, Time and a half, double time or not applicable.

One the earning code is setup, the earnings can be included for a worker on the earning statements. As per TechNet article

You must manually enter some earnings, such as overtime earnings, sick time, and paid time off. You can enter these earnings either before or after you use the automated process to generate the standard earning lines. If you use the automated process first, you have to add and remove earning lines manually until the earnings statement is correct.

The created earning code can be used as follows. Notice that the amount and rate is multiplied by 2 as per our settings in the earning code.

Overtime earning statement


To make entries from standard time template file directly to earning statements, AXPulse has Advance Overtime Management product. Kindly review the product details and description for more details





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