Employee Benefits Link

This post is specific to a single employee enrolment and removal from a Benefit. At times, we do need to get information related to employee’s enrolled benefit plans. For this purpose, AX 2012 has already provided screen. Screen navigation as follows

  1. Click Human resources > Common > Workers > Workers.
  2. Select a worker, and then click Personal information.
  3. Click Benefits.

Employee Benefits Link


The benefits screen can be used to add or remove benefits for Employees. The add and remove buttons can be used to achieve this. The right hand side fast tabs provide complete information related to the Benefit and Deductions. The fast tabs provide information related to Dependants, beneficiaries and Payroll details.

Employee benefit enrollment


Benefit Details



If the benefit plan allows dependent coverage option, then we can add dependents from this tab.


Beneficiaries can be designated to the benefit from this tab

Payroll details

This tab can be used to modify payroll impact of this benefit plan. This can be changed for the specific employee. The general benefit plan settings for payroll details remains intact.

Benefit Payroll Details














To remove a benefit plan from Employee

  1. Click Human resources > Common > Workers > Workers.
  2. Select a worker, click Personal information, and then click Benefits.
  3. Select the benefit to remove the dependent or beneficiary from.
  4. In the Dependents or Beneficiaries area, click Edit.
  5. To remove a dependent, clear the Covered check box next to the dependent. To remove a beneficiary, select the Not designated check box next to the beneficiary.
  6. Click OK.


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