CRM Dashboarding

A Dashboard is overview of your system at a glance. It is an easy to read, one page summary which can benefit the users with productivity, easy of use and accessibility. With many other added advantages, this is a must feature in today’s solutions. Business users often need to keep a real-time pulse on their customer data . This includes knowing what data changed, when it changed, and whether there are hotspots that need further investigation.

CRM Dashboarding


With Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Dashboards, putting your finger on the pulse just got a lot easier! Lets get started with creating a new dashboard in CRM 2013.

1- Click New from Sales > Dashboards screen as show below

New Dashboard creation








2- Select the required layout for your new dashboard

Dynamics CRM 2013 Dashboard layouts
















3- Type the name for dashboard and click on the section web-parts to add required information.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM dashboard layouts


4- From the section webpart, we can add Chart, List, Iframe or Web resource.

In case of Chart and Lists, we need to select the component – record type and view as follows















For Web Resource and IFrame, need to setup the required information i.e. Name, URL etc.

5- When the Dashboard in Edit mode, the different sections may not display the data. It’s nothing to be alarmed by. Save and Close Edit mode and select the new Dashboard from the pull-down menu.

Finally we can get the dashboard as follows after complete configuration

CRM 2013 custom dashboard





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