The most common problem encounters while auditing period in companies is not to allow auditors to attach or delete attachments from DocuRef form. However, there is no out of the box role in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, but it can be achieved with small customization and by applying the modified duplicated copy of system role and privilege.

Step 1

Make duplicate copy of “SystemUser” role and “DocumentHandlingEssentials” privilege. In my case, I have duplicated with the name “MySystemUser” and MyDocumentHandlingEssentials”.


Step 2

In “MyDocumentHandlingEssentials” remove all entry points accept “DocuView”.


Step 3

Now assign “MyDocumentHandlingEssentials” privilege to “MySystemUser” role and make sure “DocumentHandlingEssentials” is not overriding it.


Step 4

Now go to “DocuView” form and change the “NeedPermission” property for both “New” and “Delete” command buttons to “Delete”.


You are done with the changes, now assign this customized “MySystemUser” to Auditor user and remove the default “SystemUser” role.


Note: In some AX builds you may find a privilege with name “ClientEssentials”, it too contains all “DocuRef” entry points, so if you find one in your build, apply the same process of duplicating and removal of all “DocuRef” related entry points from it.

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