In this post we will try to learn how the Customer Loyalty functionality works in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3. For this purpose let’s assume a hypothetical scenario of Ville Stores, a retail company that deals in beauty products.

Ville Stores has recently implemented Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 Retail and POS solution. Now they want to leverage the Customer Loyalty functionality that comes out of box in MS Dynamics AX 2012 Retail. Ville Stores offer a 2% discount on its specific eye makeup products under a base loyalty program. There are further 2 tiers (Silver, Gold) in the loyalty program that the customer can qualify for. Customers who qualify for Silver tier will avail a 5% discount on all the eye makeup products, while for Gold tier, the discount is 10%.

Let’s first take a look at the prerequisites and configuration setup required. The following table presents the various entities that are involved:

Retail Channel It could be either the Brick and Mortar store, online store or a call center that needs to participate into the loyalty program(s).
Discount and Price Groups Any discount(s) that will be offered to the loyalty customers need to be setup and assigned to the price group. Price group specifies the price for the retail products that a retail store sells.
Loyalty Payment Method Setup the payment method of Loyalty type to be used on POS register when a customer redeems points for the loyalty card. The payment method needs to be assigned to a retail store.
Date Intervals Optionally use loyalty tiers with the loyalty program. Date intervals are used to determine the duration for which a customer can remain associated with a loyalty tier. A date interval is also associated with loyalty tier rule and determines the time period in which a customer has to complete an activity to qualify for a tier.
Reward Points Reward points represent the reward types that are offered to the customers. These points can be either redeemable or non-redeemable.


The figure below shows the association of various entities with each other.



Assuming that the above pre-requisites have been setup, let’s go ahead and create a loyalty program as shown below. As per the policy, the customer will have to earn at least 200 points to be qualified for the Silver tier. Similarly for Gold tier, customer has to earn at least 500 points for qualification.


The price group offering 2% discount is attached with the loyalty program header. This will make sure that customers who are participating in this program will get 2% discount on specific eye makeup products.



Now let’s setup the 5% discount for Silver loyalty tier and then associate the relevant price group with the Silver tier.




Next step is to configure the loyalty scheme to associate the loyalty program with the store(s) participating in the loyalty program. Loyalty scheme is also used to specify the earning and redemption rules for the reward points.


In the above diagram, this is how the earning rules have been setup for Silver and Gold tiers:

Silver – When a customer purchases any product regardless of its quantity or amount spend on POS register, the customer will earn 5 reward points.

Gold – When a customer purchases any product regardless of its quantity or amount spend on POS register, the customer will earn 10 reward points.

The redemption rules are as follows:

Silver – The customer must spend 10 reward points in order to get 1 free Eye Makeup product.

Gold – The customer must spend 5 reward points in order to get 1 free Eye Makeup product.

As you can that the retail store is also now attached with this loyalty scheme. Now let’s set up a loyalty card for customer.


No customer is assigned to the card, it means that the card is issued anonymously. Further, using this card a customer can participate in both Silver and Gold tiers of the loyalty program. The card can be used both to earn the reward points and to redeem them as the card type has been set to “As card tender”. Using this card on POS register, the customer can either get the base loyalty program incentive like 2% discount on specific items or accumulate the reward points to reach to the first loyalty program tier “Silver”. Once achieved, the customer can get 5% discount on all eye makeup products and then for each 10 additional reward points spent, customer can get a free eye makeup product.

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