Some times we don’t need to copy all records of a table from one company to another  we only want to copy desired records , this can be easily achievable using Compare entity data between companies functionality. In part 2 of this blog, I will discuss how to achieve compare entities functionality of Data Import Export Framework (DIXF) in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3.


Select “Compare entity data between companies” from Data import export framework module as shown below.



  • The Compare entity data between companies wizard opens



  • Provide a name for the processing group, so that you can identify it later, and then click Next >.



  • From the list of available entities select your desired entities to copy, Microsoft has provided 156 out of the box entities

Select entities


  • Now select one source company, and one or more target companies to copy the data to. Here I have selected AXP as my target company ,select and then click Next 

Target companies


  • Enter parameters for the batch job



  • Click  Next to copy data from source company and destination companies  to staging table, an infolog  shows number of copied records on both source and destination companies on staging table.



Now go to the comparison processing group form and click on get staging data. Enter job id, description and click OK.





This will open staging data execution form. Click on run and select batch job to get staging data , an info message will show how many records were inserted into staging.



Now you can individually inserted record into targeted table of desired company by opening Comparision result



This screen will show the comparison result, Click on details to compare all the records of table



Now here we have four tabs , as they are self explanatory so will not discuss all here . First tab will show those records which are only available in source table , you can edit that record as per your need , or select your desired records, here i have only one record which is not available in the destination table. you can see and edit all identical records in Identical tab. after selecting desired records and changing data(if needed) click on Update and select batch job to Insert into destination company.



Here we are! successfully achieved the desired outcome.



Reference :Link

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