Product labels in AX 2012 retail can be generated and printed out of the box. You can use product labels to place them directly on the products that you sell in store or on the container that contains the products. Labels contain information like product bar code, expiration data, serial or batch numbers, price etc. In AX, you have the provision to generate the product labels automatically whenever the price is changed for a product; however you can stop this auto generation of labels.

First you need to setup the Retail shared parameters form to specify how the labels are generated for Brick and Mortar stores. If you select All retail stores, the application will generate the labels for every store that is associated with a product label report. Local store only value lets you generate the labels for a specific store that you have specified on the General tab of Retail shared parameters. If you select None, application will not auto generate the labels for product when its price is updated.


Now setup the label reports to be used for labels. There are two out of box reports available but you can custom develop additional reports as well.


Retail>Setup>Bar code and labels>Product label reports

For a specific retail store, set the printing of product labels for that store.


User can generate and print the labels through a periodic job in Retail module.


Retail>Periodic>Bar codes and labels>Print product labels

Click Create label by product button to generate the labels for a specific product.


The Quantity is now ‘1’ in the Product label printing form.


Click Labels to print button to enter certain other values to be printed on the label. You can also change the Quantity value to print more than 1 label.


Click Print labels button on Product label printing form to print the labels.


Further in the Product information management module, select a product in Released products listpage and on Retail action pane tab, under Setup group, click Product label button. Before you can create a record in this form, the Organization hierarchy with purpose Retail Reporting must have been setup in Organization Administration module. On this form, you can select different label reports for stores if each store has its own label reporting requirements. Please note that setting this record up for a product is necessary to generate the label(s) using the periodic job mentioned above.


In AX 2012 R3, user can generate labels for multiple products at one time. From Released products listpage, on Retail action pane tab, under Functions group click Print product labels. On Print product labels form, user can select multiple products and generate the labels.


Click OK and the label report will get opened with the same number of labels as you have specified in the Quantity field in the above form.


In AX 2012 R3, user can also create the product labels from purchase order, product receipt posting and transfer order.

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