In this blog I’m going to discuss the creation of a simple BOM in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. In my next two blogs I am going to discuss in detail how the BOM calculation works in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.

First of all we have to create a product in Product information and management module. For this go to

Product Information ManagementCommonReleased Products

Create a new product and specify all the required fields.

To setup an item as BOM select the Default Order type as Production

Go to Manage Inventory tab-Default order setting



To create a BOM for a product, Go to Engineer tab-Lines


Now create a BOM Version by clicking Create BOM on the BOM line form,




Here create a BOM,enter a BOM number, description and Site


Now add items to the BOM and specify the quantities of each item



Following is the formula through which the BOM material consumption is been calculated:

Material consumption = Raw material quantity / per series + scrap quantity

After adding all items approve the BOM by clicking the Approve Button







Now activate the BOM by clicking the Activation button

The BOM is ready for use. Now the created BOM can be used in the production control module.

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