In Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 Retail, discounts can be given to customers who are affiliated to certain organizations or belong to a specific age group for example. Other affiliation criteria can also be there like discounts to students, retail shop own employees etc.

In order to leverage the Affiliation functionality at retail POS, the following records need to be created:

  • Price group
  • Discounts
  • Affiliations

We will try to understand the functionality (setup part) using an example.

Star retailers have special discount offering for university students who purchase goods from Star retail outlets. The students have to show their university ID card at POS terminals to avail the discount offering of 10%. In order to get this working, let’s first create the relevant Price group. The price groups acts as a bridge between the Affiliation and Discount.

Retail>Setup>Pricing and discounts>Price groups




Next is to create a Discount record.

Retail>Common>Pricing and discounts>Discounts


Before we enable this discount, let’s first associate the Price group that we created earlier with this discount record. Click on Price group button.



Now create an Affiliation and attach the price group created earlier with it.





Finally, we need to associate the affiliation record created with the customer record in AX.




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