Absence Management Screen

Absence information for the worker must be set-up before we can approve, transfer or enter absence requests or registrations for any worker. The absence area in the Worker form can be used to set-up this basic information for the worker.

Absence Management Screen

Absence setup

The absence setup determines

  • Absence administrator of the worker
  • Length of worker’s absence periods
  • Absence information in days or hours ?


 Absence Date

  • Absence Date must be defined before creating the absence register. Without absence date, absence register will not be created.
  • Absence date is the earliest date for the worker to submit an absence registration or absence request.

A new worker is allowed to be take absences from 1-June-2012 then the Absence date must be 1-June-2012 irrespective of the hiring or employment start date.


Working Times

Indicates working time for all days in a week the worker is expected to work.

  • The total working hours field is calculated to help in Reporting and Default hours for absence registration or requests created.


Identified Gaps in Absence Setup

The following gaps have been identified

  • Absence information link with Payroll module of AX 2012
  • Absence link with Leave Types – Absence codes cannot have any earning codes assigned.
  • Absence code rules for
    • Carry forward
    • Leaves Encashment
    • Leaves Entitlements
      Employee level override rules for absence information


The above pain points have been addressed in AXPulse HR and Payroll Solution for AX 2012




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