MS CRM 2013

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides very flexible licensing for Dynamics CRM

  • Cloud based
  • On-premises

MS CRM 2013

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online service can be accessed by purchasing a USL.

  • A USL (User subscription license) is for every internal user, accessing the service.
  • USL is assigned on a named user basis – each user requires a separate USL. USL is not shared across different users

For instance, User A and B both will require 2 different USL to access MS Dynamics CRM Online.

  • External users (Customers or suppliers) do not require USLs.

There are 3 levels of USLs

  • Essential – Light weight access to custom applications
  • Basic – Basic CRM, reporting and custom applications
  • Professional – Full sales, services, marketing and custom applications

Basic difference is the wider spectrum of user rights.

For more details about licensing please refer to

– Microsoft Volume Licensing Program
– Microsoft On-line Subscription Program (MOSP)

For additional resources, visit the Microsoft Partner Network at


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