Management of the recruitment process, which involves applicants and job applications in large numbers is the basic requirement of any organization. A very detailed solution is provided out of the box by Dynamics AX 2012 for the overall Recruitment Management.

In AX 2012 the overall recruitment process comprises of the following links


Setup requirements of Recruitment involves the following links


Media types are used to indicate the types of media used to recruit workers. For instance

  • Newspaper
  • Recruiting Companies
  • Websites
  • News board

Media is used to associate more information with Media types. Each media type can have different media information associated. For instance

  • Newspaper can have more information related to the names of newspapers
  • Name and Addresses of Websites

Application email templates and application bookmarks are used for sending emails to the applicants. These must be setup to enable the system to send emails to the applicants. Application emails can include application bookmarks so that ever email can have specific information related to the applicant or job applied for.

Once the set-up information is completed, we can proceed with the Recruitment Process. The following steps must be followed

  1. Create a new job first to be published.
  2. Create related positions for that job.
  3. A Recruitment Project can be created for the new job created.

Recruitment Projects helps to manage the recruitment process. For each project the following can be setup

  • Job
  • Name of the Recruiter
  • Department the job will be located in.
  • Status of the overall recruitment project.


To publish this job ad on EP, Job Add must be created as follows


Once the recruitment project is created, the status of recruitment project can be changed as follows



Scheduled Default Status when a new project is created
Start Ready to enter applications for the project.
Finish All applications processed
Cancel Project is cancelled and no longer required


After creation of a Recruitment project, the next task is to create Applicants. The following screen contains details about the applicants including

  • Skills
  • Professional Experience
  • Education
  • Certificates
  • Courses

Finally we can create an application for the candidate (applicant) as follows and keep track for the status and details related to the Applicant.

  • The Recruitment project must be Started to submit applications for that.
  • Application status can be changed from the menu item to the following





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