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Managing Employees from Recruitment to Retirement is the key element in Organizational growth and success. Important area in Human Resource Management is the Training and Development of existing employees. Proper training and development ensures positive, productive and contributing workforce.

Training and Development in AX 2012 R3 can be managed by Courses. The following setup must be configured before Employee Courses information can be entered in the system.

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Classroom Groups

Classroom groups is used to categorize classrooms. Each classroom must be associated with a classroom group. For instance, classrooms on one floor can be categorized into one group.

Classroom group of 1st Floor can be created to Classes 01,02,03 and 04 which are on the first floor of building


Information about the rooms in which training sessions or courses are conducted. Each classroom must belong to a particular classroom group.


Classroom 1 , Classroom 2

Course Location and Classroom group is required for a Classroom

Max is the total number of seats available in the classroom.

Occupancy refers to the maximum occupancy for the classroom. As per TechNet, this value does not control the number of participants that can register for a course in the classroom.


Course Group and Course Types

Similarly, Course Group and Course Types are used to group different course types and define types of courses to be offered respectively. Course  Group can be used to logically organize the course types.


A Course Group of Business Courses can have the following course types

  • Business Math
  • Business Communication
  • Business Skills
  • Business Relationships

Skills, Education disciplines and Certificates

Mappings to Skills, Education disciplines and certificates can be provided to a course type.

Skills It maintains the skills the employee will gain after completing a course of that course type.
Education It maintains the education the employee will learn after completing a course of that course type.
Certificates It maintains the Certificates the employee will earn after completing a course of that course type.



Course Location

This form is used to maintain list of locations where courses are held. Vendor Information can also be associated with course location. For instance, any hotel location or 3rd party can be the vendor for some courses.

Picture and Hotel Location can also be associated from the top menu buttons. Picture of location can assist in defining the course location details. Hotel s form can be used to maintain information about the hotels that are associated with the location. Multiple hotels can be associated with a single course location.

Similarly Classrooms and Instructors can be associated with a course location from the menu buttons.


One to many hotels can be entered for a particular course location.



The form can be used to setup instructor information and assign it to specific course location.
Instructor can be a Worker, Contact or Applicant.
Course location for the instructor is not mandatory.



Finally after all the configuration setup, the following courses screen can be used to create new courses to be offered to the Employees.

Human Resource > Common > Courses > CoursesCourses

Employees can be assigned to the course from the Course participants button in the menu.

Status of the course can be Open, Close, Cancel and Re-open. Employees can be registered only in the Open Courses.

Pain Points in AX 2012

There are certain areas which are not addressed in the above mentioned default AX default out of the box process

1. Employee is not allowed to recommend any courses to the Training and Development Manager.

  1. No interaction is provided between the training department and employees.
  1. Workflows in Training and Development Courses.
  1. Employees cannot be notified when a new course is offered by the Training department. The notification can provide instant information to all the employees in the company about the offered courses.

The above pain points have been addressed in AXPulse HR and Payroll Solution for R3

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