Problem Statement

I have got the task to extend the Dynamics AX 2012 Report and the Client requires to sustain the existing report as well.


To keep the existing report intact, we need to create a replica of that report. The steps to follow to duplicate the reports are as follows

1- Duplicate the classes first via AOT
2- Create a new Visual Studio Project – Reports and add it to AOT as well
3- Duplicate the Report from Visual Studio – Application Tree
4- Modify the report and make any changes to the code after copying.

The steps seems extremely simple, but there are various issues encountered during the copy process. Some of the issues and resolutions are as follows

Issues Encountered

– When tried to point the database to the new DP (Data Provider) Class, then Visual Studio giving an error.
This error was resolved by creating a new dataset and then deleting the old one.

– However you also need to adjust the output parameters as adding a new dataset will introduce new output parameters which need to be removed manually. Do remember to refer to the old parameters. This is a tedious task, but need to be done in order to complete the copy process.

– Another issue is encountered when we tried to open the design of the report in Visual Studio. Following screen shots shows the error details and resolution as well




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