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Microsoft has overhauled the financial dimension framework in AX 2012. Now, master tables/entities can be referred in to the financial dimensions. By default in the data upgrade process, all the AX 4.0 and AX 2009 financial dimensions including the standard and custom financial dimensions are created as custom dimension values and will be stored in the table called Dimension Financial Tag in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.

No tool has been provided by Microsoft to mitigate this issue, where dimension can be referred back to the master table/entity. This makes it not possible to leverage the new AX 2012 Financial Dimension Framework.

How AXPFIN resolves this short-coming?

Recently AXPulse has releases a new product, AXPFIN. With AXPFIN you can refer any of the custom financial dimensions to the master table/entity. AXPFIN has the following feature sets:

  • Light weight, fully integrated and easy to deploy and configure AX 2012 add-on.
  • Can refer the custom financial dimension back to the master table/entity.
  • Keep the legacy financial data intact.
  • Keep the data consistent. Will only allow the dimension conversion until all the dimension values are fully mapped.

Some of the screen shots from the AXPFIN are:

AXPFIN wizard


AXPFIN wizard


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