When implementing AX, often times you want to copy master and setup data (not transactions) from an existing LE in AX 2012 to a newly created LE. One way is to create a definition group in existing LE and select Parameter, Miscellaneous, Group, Framework and Main table groups. You don’t have to include shared tables as these will already be available in the new LE. After the definition group is created, use the group to export the data from existing LE. This process will create DAT and DEF files. Now in the new LE, use the data import utility and import the DAT file exported earlier. After the import process is completed, check that the required data is available in master, parameter and setup forms in different modules.

Please note that you will have to manually assign the number sequences and any intercompany settings will have to be corrected after the data is available in new LE.

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