Hi, today I am going to discuss about one common that you may encountered during the stock take. It is a usual practice to create counting journal lines through the on-hand form on the stock take (counting) journal but it can create a problem for you if the AX 2012 has not been properly setup for that. How? On Inventory and warehouse management parameters form there is an option called Lock items during count under General tab as shown below:

This option when selected make sure that the item on an open item counting journal get locked for any further update. That is you can’t perform any transaction on that item.

There can arise one issue if AX is not properly configured before counting. The journal may lock the complete item instead of particular inventory dimension combination of that item. Why? Actually, AX tries to lock the specific inventory combination by searching the InventItemLocation table for a particular record. If there is no corresponding record found in the table then AX will lock the complete item by locking the inventory combination AllBlank which means all inventory dimensions including size, color, configuration, warehouse, site, location, pallet, serial and batch are blank. This locks the complete item and it won’t be available for any inventory operation including counting until the open counting journal is not get posted.

You can fix this issue by deleting the open counting journal and manually entering records in the InventItemLocation. You can do this through Product information managementàCommonàReleased productsàManage inventory (action menu tab)àWarehouse (group)àWarehouse item. You need to do this for each item combination.


There is one easy way of doing this – it is through an X++ job. For X++ job XPO, please contact us at info@axpulse.com

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