The concept of whole new Product Management has been introduced in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. This ease up the process of configuring the products across the enterprise (multiple legal entities) through shared EcoRes* product concept. In earlier releases of AX it was only possible through virtual companies and table collections which is no longer required for this purpose.
Though it bring a lot of simplicity and control while configuring the products but at the same time it also increases the complexity required for application integration and data imports. To address this situation Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 is shipped with pre-bundled following services:

Service Usage
EcoResProductService Create products (distinct product, product master and product variants). Same service can also be used to retrieve the existing product data from AX.
EcoResProductMasterDimValueService The service is used to associate the dimension values with the product master.
ItemService Release the distinct product and product master. It can also be used to retrieve the existing data from AX.
InventDimCombinationService Release product variants.

Note: product-item services must be enabled on an AIF inbound before they can be used.

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