Advance Resource Capacity (ARC)


Short Description: Advance Resource Capacity (ARC)

Product Description

Description: Advance Resource Capacity (ARC) lets you stay up to date with the custom capacity unit for a resource. This has been a long awaited pain point for Production key users. In almost every Production environment, every machine or resource has its own unit of measurement to monitor and control its capacity. E.g. Strokes / Hour, Shots / Hour and so on. AX has long been providing the controlling and monitoring through “hours” only, however in all the production units, the need to analyze and take timely decisions in machine’s capacity is a much needed and awaited feature with-in AX Production module. AXPulse is glad to assist Production personnel’s in order to stay Up to date, have better control, better monitoring, better analysis, and timely decisions for Manufacturing concerns through ARC (Advance Resource Capacity) Add-on.

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