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Expansion exposes services organizations to a host of new challenges such as unfamiliar markets, different cost structures and work practices, and new business partners. Governments everywhere are demanding more business accountability and instituting new mechanisms to monitor compliance. Clients want more visibility into service delivery and billing processes. Workforce profiles vary widely across geographies, making it hard to maintain portfolios of key talent. Challenges like these reflect the complexity of global business today and add to the overall risk that services organizations already face.

To transform these challenges into opportunities, services professionals need real time access to role-specific information and tools that help inform and deepen their client relationships and improve their utilization of global resources. Business processes must be transparent but secure, supporting both collaboration and privacy. Services organizations must be able to anticipate changing workforce requirements and maintain a talent pool that meets their needs. And they must satisfy new reporting requirements in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Performance capabilities that meet these needs can streamline service delivery overall. The net result: solid financial results. The Microsoft vision for services organizations is one in which professionals around the world easily and securely access specific information and tools they need to perform their individual roles, all within an always-up-to-date system that spans business operations and functions.  Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 provides a single source solution that reflects our commitment to apply the full breadth and depth of Microsoft innovation to help services organizations realize this vision on a unified platform.


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