In Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, it is now possible to accrue the liability at the time of product receipt posting. For this to work, you need to make sure that the check box Accrue liability on product receipt under Ledger integration must be checked as shown below:





Also, you need to configure the two accounts on the item group under Purchase order tab namely Purchase accrual and Product expenditure, un-invoiced respectively as shown below:




The liability account gets credited whereas the purchase expenditure account gets debited at the time of product receipt posting. The voucher gets reversed upon the invoice posting. The same posting setup will also work for the service items.

If the physical posting is also enabled under the Ledger integration in the Item model groups form, then the Purchase expenditure account gets reversed and product receipt account gets debited eventually.

To understand the scenarios more clearly, consider you received the inventory of price 100 USD. Following is going to be the product receipt posting in each scenario:


  1. When physical posting is disabled and accrue liability is selected
Posting type Debit Credit
Purchase expenditure, un-invoiced 100
Purchase, accrual 100


  1. When both physical posting and accrue liability is enabled
Posting type Debit Credit
Purchase expenditure, un-invoiced 100(A)
Purchase, accrual 100(A)
Purchase expenditure, un-invoiced 100(B)
Product receipt 100(B)

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