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AXPulse is a global consulting firm that helps organizations improve people and process management by leveraging Microsoft Technologies.

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We have a team with years of IT industry experience and a proven track record of success delivering technology projects. With the benefit of true expert knowledge and practical experience, we deliver more thoughtful, creative and powerful work.

Best in Class Industry Solutions

With our dedicated research and development team, we build solutions that match the unique needs of each industry. With AXPulse, you can rely on us to have done the due diligence to recommend only the best-in-class Microsoft  solutions and to implement them successfully.

Customer Success

Our understanding of our clients and the sectors in which they do business is deep and nuanced, and this specialized expertise helps find solutions that have real impact and help our clients win the business.

Agile Methodology

We follow the proven Microsoft methodology to implement Microsoft technologies. Together with the industry best practices, the methodology provides an streamlined and consistent implementation approach, which facilitates rapid deployment and can be tailored for each client’s specific provisions.

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The talents and efforts of the people in your company or organization are among your most valuable assets. AXPulse Advance HR and Payroll solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX/365 helps fulfill the potential of your workers, while reducing the cost and complexity of administrating worker and organizational information. It leverages the power of Microsoft Dynamics AX/365 to maintain extended worker information, advance leave and absence management and employee loan management.

Security Reports for Microsoft Dynamics AX/365 are three reports “User Security Report”, “Security Objects Report” and “XDS Report” that have been developed using standard Microsoft reporting framework available in Dynamics AX/365. Together, these reports provide a comprehensive security reporting solution to view how security has been configured in the ERP application.

Positive Pay add-on helps you generate Positive Pay file through an intuitive UI and empower you to generate the positive pay file nearly in any bank format and seamlessly works with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. AXPulse Positive Pay solution developed for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 helps you achieving all this and beyond.

AXPulse Healthcare solution for Speech Therapy centers let the patients book, view, and cancel the appointments of their desired therapist/medicos by selecting from the provided list on the portal which gives a feeling of very personal care practice. Using the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 you can Control fast healthcare ability resources incorporation web resources to fetch/stream data/videos/audios, to/from your electronic medical reports, client/patient portal, and personal mobile devices.

A cross platform mobile application that let your warehouse workers perform the key operations like purchase order receiving, inventory movement, inventory counting etc. using an intuitive UI. The app works with both Microsoft Dynamics Ax 2012 and Dynamics 365 for Operations.

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